About us

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It all started when...

Opal's Table is the premier dining experience featured in downtown Midland. Opal's is owned and run by Chip Hight and inspired by his grandmother, Opal.

Chip opened Opal's Table to bring soul food to Midlanders in a fine dining experience... with great wine too! We believe good food is meant to be shared among family and friends - we invite you to join us.


Chip's grandmother, Opal, grew up in the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, learning to grow and cook fresh vegetables, make wine and beer, and prepare mouth watering chicken fried steaks - all in her momma's kitchen. She was a spirited youth, who drove her dad and his hooch around during prohibition. She later married a restaurateur and opened several restaurants in New Orleans and Houston.

Opal lived life to the fullest as demonstrated by the eccentric collection of life-long friends including oilmen, circus performers, dancers, and an endless array of interesting larger-than-life characters.When she wasn’t involved in outrageous endeavors, she was turning out "to-die-for" fried green tomatoes, fresh oysters, and her signature deviled eggs.  She would be thrilled that we have honored her memory at Opal’s Table by featuring some of her favorite time honored recipes.

Please keep her bright, festive spirit in your memory as you dine with us. Opal lived an incredibly healthy life. In her later years, she drove everywhere, surrounded by her grandchildren and a large bag of fried pork skins by her side. More than once, she reminded everyone, “Live a little!”.